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Mastering Javascript (Tyler McGinnis, TylerMcGinnis.com)

Episode Summary

Learn how Tyler McGinnis uses a linear, project-based approach to help students of all levels learn Javascript. (No tech experience needed to enjoy this episode!)

Episode Notes

Tyler McGinnis has built an extensive online course membership program all about the Javascript ecosystem. But even if you aren’t very technical, or have no interest in coding, what Tyler has done as a creator and instructor would work for anyone teaching any topic. Because the “staircase approach,” as he calls it, is a great way to make sure students don’t just buy. They learn.

In this episode, Tyler shares how he’s structured his curriculum to help students get meaningful results, plus we’ll learn why he has a buyer guarantee unlike anything you’ve seen before.

To learn more about Tyler McGinnis, Javascript, or Teachable, visit teachable.com/eit13.