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Becoming Content Confident (Jenell B Stewart, Digital Content Creation School)

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In this episode, we're getting all the gems of wisdom from Jenell as we discuss the start of her career as a viral video content creator, getting your online course into the hands of the right people, the ins and outs of branding, and more.

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Hello there. We're back with another episode of Everything Is Teachable. Say hello to Jenell B Stewart—brand coach, content expert, and Teachable creator. In this episode, we're getting all the gems of wisdom from Jenell as we discuss the start of her career as a viral video content creator, getting your online course into the hands of the right people, the ins and outs of branding, and more.

Jenell B Stewart is an award winning beauty editor, a wife and mom of two, a YouTuber, podcaster, and social media maven.

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Episode Transcription

Unknown Speaker  0:03  

I am doing fantastic. How are you Haley? Me too, I can't wait. I love the I love the summer, which is why I stay in every winter. I'm


Unknown Speaker  0:23  

like, Why do I stay here? It's because of New York Yeah, absolutely. So hello everyone like Haley already said I'm Janelle B. Stewart.


Unknown Speaker  0:50  

And I am a creator, I actually started as a YouTuber making natural hair and beauty content. My YouTube channel grew really, really fast at the beginning of what beauty influencers and creators were looking like. So this was back in 2010. Now before that, I was actually a teacher, a public school teacher working in Brooklyn, New York, special education. And I basically would run home and do my YouTube videos because I loved it so much. It was just so much fun. It was just a hobby, and I enjoyed it. My backgrounds in education. Like I said, I went to the University of Rhode Island. I studied philosophy and political science, I thought I was going to become a lawyer. I did not. And then I decided to go into education. And that's how I got into teaching. But before all of that, you know, I grew up in New York, I was born in New York, and I was raised in Rhode Island. My mother and father were immigrants from Liberia, West Africa, came to this country to find a better life. At a time when after Liberia was going through a civil war. I grew up relatively poor, honestly, like some of the people who might be listening did come from very humble beginnings growing up in the pot projects, not being able to afford a lot of the things that I'm able to afford now. And here I am present day, I am an online course creator, I transitioned from just making YouTube content, and I started selling courses. And I also do brand coaching. And my life has changed so much during this time of transitioning from just being a YouTuber to being an online course creator. And it has been a magnificent experience. And I would just say lastly, I'm a mom, I have two children. My son is 10 My daughter is eight. I'm a wife. I've been with my husband for 17 years. We've been married for 12 and a year. I love stickers. I love plants. I don't know if you can watch if they're gonna watch the video, but I have a jungalow I love my plants. That's me yeah yeah, so starting with YouTube, uh, with most people at the time, we just had something we wanted to say, right? So I decided I was going to go natural. And if you're someone who is like, what do you mean go natural, I don't mean green. I don't mean like doing something like a when you're trying to save the earth or like using natural and organic ingredients. For black women. When we say Go Natural, we mean we're going to chop off all of the chemically relaxed hair. And we're going to wear our hair in its natural state. So I did what we call the big chop, and some black women choose to do transitioning, which is when they take a little bit of time before doing the big chop. So I decided at that moment that I wanted to share this experience with other people. There were several women on YouTube doing this already. And so they were inspiring me to make the leap. Because what woman just says, I'm going to cut off all of my hair one day, unless you just like broke up with someone and it was like totally not to start over. Right? Like who does that? Because so I said I had to like share this with the world because I knew that there were going to be people who would need This, I knew that there were going to be other black women that needed this. But most importantly, at the time, I was just thinking, mainly, I want to chronicle this experience so I can have it to look back on. And so that's how I got into YouTube.


Unknown Speaker  5:12  

I didn't have any fancy schmancy stuff at all. I had an old laptop that my uncle had given me, I would record my videos, I was very nervous. I had no experience in video editing, I didn't know anything like that. And I just started putting out some videos slowly but surely, I continued to amass an audience. And as the natural hair community began to grow, like there was this evolution of black women saying, we're going to do this, we're going to go natural as well, we're going to do this to our hair, and like, reclaim our beauty. And we're going to like Bash beauty standards. And so when that happened, there were only a few people doing it, and I was one of them. So my channel begins to grow. And so present day, I don't update that channel anymore. However, that channel which is called Black is beautiful. has over 146,000 subscribers and over 18 million views. And as of right amazing and as a result of being of having that channel I got to work with crazy crazy big brands I was even on the Dr. Oz Show I was in essence mag mean yes girl I was I so many opportunities came from that YouTube channel so many.


Unknown Speaker  6:30  

Late it actually kind of happened suddenly. And I think it was a natural transition that I was going through in my in my life.


Unknown Speaker  7:27  

So when you make content, anyone who is thinking about making content, you'll probably get into this place where what you are talking about now, no longer feels like it fits you anymore. And so I'm talking about natural hair as this young woman, I was in my 20s I believe I was around 25. And I was I had no children, I wasn't married. And I was just going through this journey of self discovery. But then there's a point where it's like, okay, my journey of self discovery is over. Like, I love my hair, I love myself. And I was now thinking, I don't know if this is something I really want to talk about forever anymore. Because what was so exciting is no longer exciting, running home to do my hair anymore is now a chore. I have two kids, I'm married. The last thing I really want to be talking about now is maybe like my hair and beauty like I have other things I'm interested in. And then because of my natural hair YouTube channel was bringing around so many opportunities. I'm working with million dollar companies making hundreds of 1000s of dollars in brand partnerships and Google ad revenue every year, I am also thinking about a higher level convert conversation. And what is important to me now is changing. And so I also had a community of people who were growing with me as well, many of them were in their 20s When they found me, their lives are changing and what they're interested in is changing as well. So I started to feel like I was I was unfulfilled creating content was becoming a chore and I was starting to kind of despise having to do it because what I was talking about did not fulfill me anymore. And so when you are no longer living in your purpose, it's hard to keep it going. Even if you know this is how I make money. This is how I'm going to take care of myself and my family. You know, having a YouTube channel changed my life I literally was able to purchase for our first home, we were able to make investment decisions. I've I've made so many big changes in my life. So how could I leave that? And I had to make that choice because I just wasn't feeling passionate anymore, but I didn't know what the heck I was going to do. Now what is pretty interesting is that you might not realize that the thing you have been doing you become an F spurred in doing it and you don't really think of it, even though, like I have no background in video production, people go to school for this, like, I had no background in editing people make a lot of money in video editing, production, design, styling and makeup artistry, like I'm doing all the things lights and sound like I'm doing 10 different roles that people go to school or learn to trade and get compensated to do individually. And so social media was a big part of that my success was coming from the community that I built not only on YouTube, but Facebook, and then Instagram, Twitter, I all of my platforms have grown to be relatively large with large communities and following. And I recognized that maybe I could teach someone how to do what I did. Maybe I could teach someone how to create something from a passion or use a skill set and monetize it, maybe I could do that I was I wasn't sure what that would look like. But I knew I couldn't continue talking about this. And I had to take to make a change. And that's when I decided that I was going to do courses. And for me, it was easy to choose social media because it was it was basically like all I knew, right, I left college, and I went to school and there was no formal education. And I don't know if there is now it may be business schools do incorporate social media and content marketing, but there was no formal education when I decided to quit YouTube specifically. So all of my education, and my access was self taught. And so I knew my own strategies. I knew what I did. I knew how I grew it. I knew how I built it. I was monetizing it. I said well these are all things I am pretty good at I know them better I probably know how to use social media better than Mark Zuckerberg himself right? Like yeah, like I could do I could do this and I could use someone had to do this because I loved working with people. So my passion for it just came from my natural knack of using it and then monetizing it I chose to do with courses and eventually evolve into one on one coaching relationships as well. So yeah.


Unknown Speaker  12:24  



Unknown Speaker  13:13  

yeah, initially, when I decided to sell my course, my thought process was to create this like, really robust experience. So I started with master classes. And I'm one of those teachable course creators that didn't just find teachable, like through a Google search and then set up a school like I was immersed in the teachable, you teachable you, community. And so I started to read the emails, I was going to all of the different sessions and conferences that just toric was hosting. And I was learning a lot and so I found that my gift was video. So I was like, I am going to use this gift of video. So masterclasses aka webinars, more and more so webinars was how I began with selling my courses, I did get a coach because I wasn't really familiar with how a webinar should run. And I didn't want to just come out here creating these webinars and not getting the sales because remember, I'm leaving a business that people were paying me lots of money to do and I need to replace that revenue so instead of kind of like hustling through the hardships of that, I knew right away that getting a coach would be the best direction for me to go. So I did get a coach who taught me how a webinar when you're looking to make a sale should run and then how you create your offer so everything is done through email and I also got my very first email marketing funnel through teachable it was called the crazy eight the crazy eight launch. And I I still use my crazy launch till this day, no joke. I don't use it for everything but The Krazy eight launch was how I did my first course. And I do have a funnel today that I still use the Krazy, eight launch for. So I did everything through email, they came through the webinar, and I promoted the webinar using the modalities that I'm familiar with. So I used YouTube, I made videos as my lead generator, getting people onto my email list, getting them on the email list, and then getting them excited for the webinar, then they come to the webinar, and I use all of the strategies of webinar marketing, to then encourage people to get excited about the topic. And then at the very end, I was able to convert them into paying customers. And then anyone who did not purchase during the webinar, the Krazy, eight funnel continues to nurture them and to encourage them to become a part of this course. And so that's what I did. And I use social media to let people know about the videos. So they were excited about the videos, and then they got to the video. And now they're excited about this webinar. And then they come to the webinar, they're excited about the course. So I just kind of ran them through that. So present day, I do a lot of the same, but there's new tools, and there's new features available to me. So first and foremost, I don't do webinars anymore, in the traditional sense, I do Instagram lives, and I do clubhouse rooms. And so using the newer tools, I'm able to have a just a very similar experience where I'm teaching a subject, I call my Instagram lives free coachings. And as a way to highlight the profound experience that you're getting, and also the quality of the information that you're getting. I show up on social media regularly. Instagram is my jam. But I'm also on Facebook, and I do love Twitter. So I'm there as well. And my strategy for 2022 is to show up on clubhouse with a dedicated club called Content confident. And I host content rooms, I do my best to join in on rooms, where other creators are talking about content, adding value building connections. And I would say outside of social media and email marketing, I have a podcast myself called look on the bright side, where I just create content for amazing people, dreamers and thinkers and doers who want to develop an abundant mindset. So my podcast also supports with me getting new people to know about my courses, I do offer freebies and things like that in my podcast that people can sign up for that helps. And is there anything Oh collaborations, I wouldn't be able to reach newer audiences at the pace that I've been able to in recent years. Because Adam, Missouri is doing something with the Instagram algorithm. I joke, I know it's not him. But if you know what's been going on with Instagram the algorithm yet, it's fun. So I have to try to like work around that right? I can complain about the algorithm all day, I can shut my business down and blame Instagram or I can figure it out. So collaborations, I partner with other women all the time in clubhouse rooms and on IG live, even on podcasts like this one. And that's how I'm able to reach new audiences because of course, in a collaboration, both parties are excited about the outcome of the parts of the collaboration. So I know that if I'm working with someone, and they're a feature, they're going to promote it. And likewise, if I'm a feature, I'm going to promote it and now I'm in front of new audiences. So collaboration all the way is a part of my strategy for 2022.


Unknown Speaker  19:29  

Oh, I love this question, because it's always changing when it comes to Instagram because everyone is spending a lot of time there. If you haven't already heard this before, where have you been? But we have to do those reels. And I know initially like the reels were most of the time when people were making grills in the beginning. A lot of emphasis was put on just doing what you can to get more people to view it. However, there has been a shift and I love the shift and maybe the shift is some thing that I'm experiencing more because of what the algorithm is showing me because of what I engage with. So there's also that, but the shift that I'm referring to is professionals recognizing that they can educate people which with edutainment, right. So instead of just being like so stuffy, and just saying exactly what it is, we're putting a creative spin on how we teach people things, which is really, really fun. So I have a reel where I use this audio, and it's like a song, and then it's, and then it says, Go best friend. So some people may. Well, I love that when it's so much fun. And if you if you use it, you can use it a number of ways, right? Anyone can use it a number of ways. You might be thinking like a personal relationship way. Well, for me, I said, when I see content creators batching, and then I'm like, go best friend. So I educate people on what batching is. And then I can highlight, listen, if you aren't batching, you're like really spending a lot more time than you need on on this content. And so I'm able to educate and someone may not have listened if I just made a video saying you should batch your content because it saves you time. And it got out of that. And it's just like,


Unknown Speaker  21:15  

wow, wow. So now it's interesting. So definitely reels. And I would also say a social audio is poppin. Right now, there are a lot of people that still aren't exactly sure what to do with social audio. But clubhouse was the Trailblazer with social audio. And then we have Instagram, I'm sorry, Twitter spaces. LinkedIn has a audios. I believe it's just like LinkedIn audio rooms very straight to the point. And then Facebook has their own little thing. I actually haven't used that yet. But social audio is a great place. And believe me when I tell you, there are people, especially if you're a course creator, or coach, there are people like myself making 10s of 1000s of dollars on clubhouse every single month. I've been in rooms Yup, I've been in rooms of people that were telling me that they were making millions in 2021. And I was like, okay, that's that's the goals. That's the goal, right? Oh, I'm working on that I'm figuring it out. But social audio is a great way to develop a connection. It's like a blend between a podcast, but then like alive, because it's live. And it's audio like a podcast. So it's a great way to communicate with people. So that trend is something that I really think people should work towards getting on. I would say, I know this is not exactly like a new thing. But having a platform where you get to highlight your expertise outside of social media is still super important. It really is. And I know that everyone that I meet most of the time, like they just have Instagram. And I don't want to give you the argument of what happens if Instagram shuts down. And you know, at this point, if we're still saying that people are not listening anymore, because yeah, it might shut down for a couple of hours. But Instagram isn't going anywhere. Like it is ingrained in our lifestyles. So that argument is kind of like mute mute. For me, I don't really think that we need to worry about that. I think what we need to worry about is being able to elevate ourselves as thought leaders. I like I said, I don't come from this industry, I do not have a business degree, there is no MBA, at the end of my name, I do not have anything that should allow me to be an expert in this space. From a credentials perspective, I have years of experience. And I've done a really good job at using social media and using it to my advantage. So why would I allow something like the algorithm to undermine all of that, because 3% of an entire audience, see the content is not in my best interest. So being in spaces that you can create to get the word out, such as having a podcast, having a YouTube channel, having a blog, those are the ways that you're going to elevate your content, elevate your profile, and become a thought leader or an expert. And remember, your content that you make on Instagram is going to depreciate in value. Like I said, less than 5% or for me, 3% of my audience sees my content. And I have over 100,000 followers. And when I look at my reach, it's not about my content. I know my content is good. It's all about the algorithm. There's nothing I can do. But it doesn't really matter because Instagram content depreciates in value anyway, like a car when you walk off of a lot. It does nothing for you. If you make a podcast or if you make a YouTube or if you write a blog post it appreciates in value like a home If you know for sure that the next time you have a new interest or something that you want to know, the first place you're gonna go is Google. And you're gonna go to YouTube blogs show up on Google high ranking all of the time. We read blog posts from years ago, because they pop up for us. We are watching videos, right? We're watching videos from years ago, because they pop up for us, I don't care when the content was made, I want to know if it's good, right? So if you are making content on these spaces, five years from now, 10 years from now, my videos that were made 12 years ago, are still getting views. When's the last time Haley you looked at that ad an Instagram post from last month? Right, and that's we have to spend more time on those spaces. So I know it's not a trend, because everyone is technically in those spaces already. But if you thought Instagram was going to be your entire business model,


Unknown Speaker  26:11  

I want to encourage you to make a better choice. Yes. Oh, if I were a new creator, I probably would have thought more about how I would be able to monetize and then make content for that community. I know a lot of people say don't do it for the money, don't do it for the money. But unless you're listening to this, and you're like a teenager still living in your mama's house, who has time to make all of this content and not get paid. Like we just don't have that luxury for many of us, there's just too much going on. Inflation is going up y'all we have like, all these things happening, you know, people lost their jobs and COVID or due to COVID. It's just not worth it. So I would encourage you as a new creator, to think about how you can monetize your hobby or passion project from the beginning. And then instead of just making content that speaks to everyone, I want to encourage you to niche down and make content that speaks exclusively to that group, which might require you to really think hard about a pain point that you can help people with. Because unfortunately, if you just do something really well, but there's not enough support for others, there really isn't a reason to follow you and thus you won't grow. But if you are answering a problem, and your information and your content is a great solution to that problem, you're gonna see your audience grow exponentially. And this is exactly how I was able to grow. I was creating content for a good niche group that many other people weren't. And even to this day, while I am, you know, talking about content, and I'm supporting people in how they make that my niche in this industry is not the burnout culture. I like to call the coaches and the people who talk about content, I like to call them feeding into burnout culture, because they're so focused on how do I teach people to grow their audiences that some of the strategies are just ridiculous, three to five pills every single day. I was


Unknown Speaker  28:55  

like, really good websites that talk about like, how many posts you should make in a month? And I'm just like, That doesn't even make sense. Yes, I understand. Like you're aggregating all of the people that are in the study. But at the end of the day, like that information is not valuable to anyone. And it creates a culture of like I'm less than, because the reason why I'm not growing is because I didn't do three to five posts every day. But how could someone do that? Like it's just that possible? That's 1000s Eight like over like 6000 10,000 posts in a year. So my niche is to focus on how to create good quality content that


Unknown Speaker  29:33  

achieves a goal yeah


Unknown Speaker  30:33  

I love this question because there is so much that people take for granted when it comes to taking time for yourself. First and foremost, the most overlooked thing for self care asleep, right? And burnout culture perpetuates this right? You have to be constantly working and building because if you don't, then your business won't grow. There's a book that I love called The One Thing by Gary Keller, it is my favorite book you guys, I read this book after being recommended it by one of my favorite mentors from afar. His name is Chris doe, of the future pro group love him. He's also a he also has a teachable because when I knew it was through teachable, I was like, yes, Rosa teachable. So he recommended it to me and many of the methodologies that that Gary Keller talks about, it fits me and my beliefs and the things that I do. The reason why I mentioned this book is because there's an there's an entire chapter and or section about how successful people Plan time for rest. And they don't work from day to day and then fit in rest. No, they fit their rest in first or put their rest in first. And then they work around that. And why this was so yeah, it was it was like yes, because I actually was in a place where I had been doing this very thing and then feeling like, it might not be okay sometimes, but I was like this is what I need to do. So the one thing is a great recommendation for anybody who is coming into content creation, and having a hard time narrowing it all down. So back to sleep, sleep will do the body good. You know, the old school milk does a body good no girl sleep does. If there is any way you can work on reducing the amount of working hours you have to incorporate more sleep, please do it. Everything runs better in your life when you're rested. And some people are like, Oh, I can't sleep more than such and such I get that you can get into it. If you're an early riser, it just means you have to go to bed earlier because I'm an early riser, it doesn't matter when I go to sleep, I'm waking up at six o'clock or 530. So just go to sleep a little bit earlier. So I prioritize my sleep, which as a mom means the kids have to go to bed at a pretty decent hour to encourage that. Additionally, now my lifestyle is very different because I'm at a at a place where I have a certain level of financial freedom because of the work that I do and the revenue that I bring in. So some of what I'm going to share is you might think is impossible for you. But so if you're teachable school hit me up for coaching. And maybe we can talk about it. And you can do these things too. But what I do is every single month I take the second week off so that way I'm not meeting with clients, I'm not meeting with my team, I'm just off, it allows me a break from all of the mental work that goes into the creative process that goes into being a leader or a boss. It allows me the freedom to not have to feel like I need to be on top of everything. And even if I do a little something here or there. It just gives me a piece of I don't have anything on my schedule today. When you wake up and you know that there's nothing on your schedule, you move different, you have a different swag, you have a different energy. And so knowing for an entire week that I have nothing really helps with my mental health. Speaking of mental health, I do go to therapy. I would never encourage any person who is creating content and being on social media to I would encourage you to go get therapy. I know you probably don't believe this, but you're probably addicted to your phone. I can't tell you. I can't tell you one of my creative friends that would admit that they're addicted to their phone but I will be the first one to tell you I am addicted to my phone. I try not to use it and I my hands itch for it Haley like I'm like, Oh yeah, I put it away. I'm feeling it's hard. It's really hard and people don't want it admit it. No, I'm Yes, you are, it is hard to not feel for it. Think of it, look for it, we are addicted. So therapy is good just not about your phone, Instagram addiction, but just to help you be grounded. So I do go to therapy on a regular basis.


Unknown Speaker  35:19  

I also do take breaks. So this is kind of back to the one thing with Gary Keller, I have decided that there are certain months of the year that I am not going to work, it requires a lot of planning, right, it requires me to really boost up some of my funnels to get more course sales and more revenues in either right before or the month leading up. So that I can take August off because my kids are home. And as a mom, you want to be able to do things and I want to be able to travel and trying to squeeze in launches and meeting with one on one coaching clients and social media and all of that to keep the business growing, it's just not going to work. So I have to plan ahead for that. So those months off help two weeks in the end of December, all of August. And then many of the days of March, which is when my birthday is I work out as often as I can not for just weight loss, although that is a goal as well. However, working out releases so many endorphins in the body, it relieves stress and anxiety, which many creators have. I know you probably don't think you do. But social media unfortunately, has created and there's there's studies on this, if you care to go look at it, social media has created an anxiety that we didn't have before because we weren't always connected. So when we were disconnected, for those of you that even know what that time was like, because not everybody knows. But when we were disconnected, we had freedom and space from being around others or knowing what others were up to, and just being updated on things. And we don't have that. So there's an anxiety when you do some content, and then it doesn't do well, right? There's like a sadness that comes over us. And we have these feelings and lots of ways comments, you know, some people get really bad comments, or some people say things that just really really bother you or a relationship you have with someone. You might misconstrue it because of what you saw on social media. Are they talking about me? Is this about me? Like are they mad? Are they not like there's just so much anxiety that comes from being on social media and exercise helps to just settle you a little bit better. So that you can just get through your day easier. So those are some of the things I do I love podcasts and books I love spending time with my family like all of those things that you might be thinking. I know people think self care, they think masks massages, yeah, I do those things too, but you do the thing. These are the things that a pedicure can't help right therapy and exercise and sleep, you got problems, I promise you no amount of face show clay creams is going to it's going to solve that


Unknown Speaker  38:45  

you're welcome. I would work aggressively to build my email list. I would work aggressively to build my email list. If I don't already have an audience, then I would start sharing every part of my experience if my depending on what the business is, I would share every part of growing that experience with others so that they can come into my ecosystem. And if I were starting an online business, either as a creative or even as an expert, I would want to cultivate trust and loyalty around the community that I serve. So instead of coming out of the gate with by my this hire me for this, which is which is eventually you have to do you should start with developing the community trying to get them into your onto your email list so you can continue to nurture them and As you grow during this month, you'll start to see that the quality of people who either are following you through social media or visiting your website and shopping with you as a patron, they will be the type of patrons and customers that are going to be around for a very long time. It's there's nothing better than when someone joins my program. And they say, like, I've been following you since you were making natural hair videos, right? i It's the best. And they know everything about me. They know everything that I've shared, which I also share my family. They've been around for a very long time. And guess what? I stopped making content for them a long time ago. But they're around because there's an investment in me and what I do, and they might not know, like, well, I need Janelle now. Or I should probably just unfollow because I don't really need this anymore. And now here, they are signing up for my course. And I'm continuing to be a part of their experience and their journey. So you want that you want those loyalists, though, the legacy followers, I call them my legacy followers that have been around forever, because those are the people that will talk about you when you're not in a room and say you you should go and follow Janelle B. Stewart, because I've been following her for a long time. And this is something that she can help with. You want people that can do that. You want people that when your stuff does come out whenever that is or if should they ever need it. You want to be the first person that they think about to get said thing, and you want someone that is going to just be an all around advocate and ambassador for whatever you do. So no matter what you transition into, because it may happen. You're doing this for the first month. We don't know what this business will look like for you in a year or in five. And as you transition. You want people that are like, Yeah, whatever Janelle is doing, I'm here for the ride. Like, that's what's wrong. So community, community community and of course, email us because that's where you're going to make most of your sales. Especially if you don't have the budget, like most people who are doing this for the first time to do ads and you know, all of that stuff. You're welcome. Absolutely, so I am everywhere at Janelle B. Stewart, I can actually say Google me, okay. Because if you Google me everything. Yes. So I'm Janelle B. Stewart everywhere. I go live on Instagram every single Sunday, which gives you the opportunity to


Unknown Speaker  43:07  

join me if you want to have a live experience. I'm also on clubhouse on the regular if you want to join me there if you're on that platform, lots of great coaching conversations on clubhouse as well. If you're interested in any of my courses, or my main program, content confident or even coaching should you feel as though make maybe making a membership community is something you want to do. I help people with that you can just DM me, I am very accessible. I am very approachable, I'm super friendly. So you can just hop in my DMs wherever it is, and and we can chat and then if you want to take it further from there, then become a follower, become a subscriber to my email list and you'll be able to stay in the loop of all the things that I'm doing.


Unknown Speaker  44:14  

I sure do. I want to encourage you to plant seeds and then water them a lot of the things that you want to do and what you might want your future to look like you have to start now. Don't be afraid to take action. Don't be intimidated of what the gap looks like from where you are to where you want to be. I never imagined that making the decision to open up YouTube one day would change my life in the way that it has. I was a teacher and I was supposed to only make $100,000 in I think the 20th year of being a teacher Are and for the last 12 years. If you add them all up, I've made multiple millions of dollars and I planted a seed by putting a YouTube video out and putting another YouTube video out and just just going with the flow, pivoting and not quitting along the way along the way and just planting seeds and watering them every single time. Just just do that. And I promise you stick with it and everything will work itself out for the better


Unknown Speaker  45:53  

thank you Haley and the entire teachable family. Thank you so much for creating this platform. I honestly don't know what where I would be or what I would be doing so I think to the all of the founders of teachable This platform has really really changed my life my family's life, the people the lives of the people around me because of my courses. So thank you all so much for an amazing platform and had having me as a guest it's such a full circle moment to be a teachable creator and then be a guest on the podcast. I'm it's I'm very grateful. Thank you so much Haley